Re-defining beauty…

Tall, skinny, fair- People consider such women attractive because these are the ”so-called” attributes that a person according to the norms set by society needs to possess to call that person ”good looking”. I welcome compliments as much as I welcome criticisms. I am tall, skinny, fair and YES, I do hear criticisms. Girls like me are criticized for being too tall for a boy, for having no distinct curves, for the scars on our faces that becomes too prominent because we have a fair skin tone! Life of a tall, skinny, fair complexioned woman is as difficult as that of a short, plump and dark complexioned.

I believe that the physical attributes are not meant for measuring beauty. Their purpose, according to me is to differentiate people so we can identify them, because we can’t really know or remember the names of everyone. Can we?

We live in a society where the meaning of beauty is stereotyped. It is unfortunate that we are a part of such society; shameful that many a times we are a part of stereotyping too. Don’t we look at a model and get magnetized seeing her? Do we feel or react the same way when we see an ordinary girl? Ordinary here means someone who is not a model and is in some other profession and do not possess any of the attributes that a model must! Now what exactly must a model possess? Since I don’t own a modelling agency or is not a judge of any modelling pageant, I cannot really point out the exact criterion or the reasons behind. Today, when we are moving towards a modern world, I can slowly see the demand and progress of dark complexioned girls in the field. Actors too have stopped endorsing fairness creams. So now, a beautiful girl can be dark complexioned too! When will the society start accepting that a short and plump girl is equally beautiful? I say, all girls are beautiful as long as they have a compassionate heart, helping hand and a body full of confidence.

I am here, writing on such sensitive issue as this because I have come across a lot of girls facing inferiority and depression because of their physical structures. We are a product of our parents. We represent their genes. Let us not insult them and their love and allow anybody to bring us down and set the definition of beauty for us. But because charity begins at home, let us first learn to see the beauty in us and say goodbye to all the bad thoughts and feelings that resides in our mind, so that we can trash the ugliness that actually stays in our minds and thoughts and not on our face or body.

Also, I am not trying to stop anyone in their way to transition. We are all free to change our body types if only we want to, if only our body is ready to accept those changes and if only our mind allows us to. Transition is not acceptable if it is meant to please others .

Feel free to let me know what according to you is beauty!

I am specifically talking about girls because only girls get mood swings 😉 and ”beauty” to us is a very very sensitive matter.


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